Express Tryouts - Spring 2020
  • Tryouts will be January 11th at 2pm at the Smiths Station Sports Complex. Please make sure to check in by 1:30pm

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    What is SSYS Express?
    Posted May 28, 2019

    SSYS Express Academy and Club programs are for U8 - U18 players. The program is standards based, uses the US Soccer development model, and is designed to help prepare athletes for a higher level of play.

    To learn more about ASA Academy league, please click the link below.

    To learn more about ASA Club league, please click the link below.

    FAQ for Express Program
    Posted May 28, 2019

    -Commitment at tryouts? 

    You are only coming to tryout, you are NOT automatically committed to a team.  If you choose to not return after tryouts, you have not made any commitment to our league.

    -When will we find out if we made the team?

    Players will receive an email notification after January 18th, once the board meets to make final decisions.  We are working on finalizing coach commitments and getting assignments for teams. The email will tell you the coach assigned to the team your player will be accepted to.  At this time you can accept or decline our invitation.  If you accept then you will be asked to pay the fee and sign a letter of commitment.

    -If there is no team for my children to join (due to lack of interest for that age group for example) when will parents be notified (i.e. by when will this decision be made by the board)? 

    We are waiting to do refunds to make sure if we do not have enough for certain teams.  The board is meeting this weekend to make these decisions.  Any refunds will be issued next week if we do not have enough players for a certain age group.

    -Who will the coaches be for each age group/team? 

    Players will be notified of the coaches when they are sent the invitation to join the group.

    -How much are the fees? 


    -What are the payment options for the fees?

    It can be paid in a lump sum or broken into payments that will be due before practices begin/uniforms are ordered.

    -What do the fees include?

    This season it will include all fees, uniforms, and 1 tournament.

    -Are there any “scholarships” being given out and how does a player apply? 

    Yes, a letter to the board explaining your needs. The board will vote.

    -Any sibling/multi-kid discounts? 

    Yes $5 per sibling. 

    -Will the teams be co-ed or boy/girl specific?

    It depends on the number of players at tryouts.  We are looking at having a co-ed U8, co-ed U10, boy/girl specific for U12/U13.

    -How many games can we expect? 

    10-20 games per season depending on division, most game days we will play 1-2 games a day.

    -When do we expect games to start? 

    No sooner than February 14th.  The state is involved in some of the scheduling so it will depend on them and our coaches who will also schedule some games.

    -When do we expect practices to start?

    Practices can begin as soon as February 1st once the teams & coaches are committed & registered. 

    -How many practices a week?

    Again, this will be determined by the coach & board but usually 2-3 a week.  Once the player is put on a team you will be notified of the schedule. 

    -Will there be a parent meeting?

    We will hold a meeting for all parents and coaches on January 25, 2020 at 6:30 pm.